On this page, I will list out the best free language learning websites that I’ve tried myself throughout my process of learning Korean, Arabic, Spanish and other languages and do some review on them as well. Any newest reviews or updates will be listed in the blog category. You can simply go there or click on the image below. If the same program or website both have a free and paid version, I will include it here and on the best-paid language learning courses page as well.

I tend to stick to one website (mostly 2-3 months if I like what they offer within the courses) and when I’ve finished all the courses given regarding that particular language, then I’ll move on to other websites just to see what that website has to offer, the differences, etc. Usually, most websites have a different approach on how to make their courses look fun to learn and easy to remember.

The way I listed the website doesn’t necessarily mean that number 1 is better than number 2. I will keep adding reviews on other websites also once in a while and for sure it will take some time, so please do understand if I don’t add any reviews or updates say for a month(s). I just don’t want you to waste your time on a website that doesn’t suit your taste or give misleading reviews.