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Do You Really Need StudySpanish To Be Fluent

My quest of finding the best Spanish language course continues when I inadvertently found this great website while using their app (will talk about this in part 2). I’m going to split this StudySpanish review into 2 posts because it’s quite long.

What is StudySpanish?

It is an educational website that provides free as well as Premium materials for anyone interested in learning Spanish. There, you can learn all of the important aspects of learning a language, all of which consist of pronunciation rules, grammar rules, verb conjugation, vocabulary, and much more.

It was launched in 1998 and thanks to its contributors, this website has grown into a lot more than just a learning site for learners. In this review, apart from listing out the pros and cons, I will also talk about the contents that make StudySpanish one of the best websites ever.


The info provided in this section is by far the most complete I’ve ever seen. Overall, it has 50 topics. It starts by introducing the Spanish alphabet and how they sound. Next, it breaks down each topic and covers more about the alphabet individually.

Pronunciation Section

They explain why each letter is pronounced this and that way, not to forget to give examples (with audio) along the way. They even have a tongue-twister. You’ll also learn about intonation, and diphthongs.


Have you ever encountered or used a Spanish course that doesn’t cover the topic you want to know? Let’s say you’re a nurse and you want to learn more words related to that area. Or you work in a department store and you want to be able to help the next Spanish customer that comes into the store.

This section is divided into 6 units. Each unit covers different topics from restaurants, airports, sports, jewelry, medical care to public transportation and the list goes on and on. Select the topic that interests you the most and start learning. You’ll be presented with 4 types of exercises before you can take the test.

Oral Exercise

The first exercise is oral. All you have to do is sit, watch, listen and repeat the words (English translation provided) shown to you. The first 3 exercises are split into 2 options, the Latin American version, and the Spain version. Choose which native speaker you prefer.

Flashcards Exercise

The second is flashcards. It comes with pictures and sound. Before you start make sure you tick the little box above the image where it says show images because it doesn’t automatically set to tick for you.

Matching Card Exercise

The third is matching cards. It’s the same with the second exercise. You just have to match the card with the right word.

test exercise

The fourth is a quiz. It gives you 2 types of quizes, fill in the missing letter(s) or word(s) and choose the correct translation. Once submitted it will show your score. You can do the exercise repeatedly. Make sure to click clear previous answers button before you start the test, so it’s a brand new one (it’s still the same question though).


If you are a grammar person, you’re going to like what StudySpanish has provided in this section. I dare to say this is by far the greatest grammar section I’ve ever encountered. It has a total of 9 units. Each unit contains different topics and each topic has 10 exercises.

Grammar Study Info

To start learning, choose the topic you want to learn. Study the information given diligently and proceed to the next lesson. Don’t rush into things. Make sure you really understand what has been written. Don’t proceed to the exercises section until you’re 100% sure. Even if it takes a week for you to understand, so be it.

As I’ve stated in the above introduction, the contents of this website are divided into free and Premium. I will explain more about the different types of memberships in the next post. In this grammar section, the first 4 exercises are free. The other 6 are only available to Premium members.

basic quiz

The first exercise starts with a basic quiz. It has 4 parts:

  1. Choose the correct translation
  2. True or false
  3. Choose the appropriate article
  4. Suggested writing exercise: Write five sentences about any subject.

The second one is a mini-test. The questions are similar to the first exercise. The only difference is it’s a bit shorter. The other exercises consist of oral, podcast, quiz, test, and final.

The third is oral. Each topic has a different exercise which is totally random. In one exercise it may ask you to give the right definite article of the given noun, translate the given phrases to Spanish, give the plural form of the given noun, and much more.

Podcast Exercise

The fourth one is a podcast. Listen to what the narrator says and do the tasks he asks you to do. This exercise is very enjoyable because you get to know more than just what the topic is about.

Verb Drills

Among the many difficult parts of learning Spanish is the verb conjugations. This section contains 8 topics. Like the others, each topic is divided into many parts. Below are the topics that are being covered:

  1. Present tense
  2. Preterite tense
  3. Imperfect tense
  4. Subjunctive (present) tense
  5. Commands
  6. Future tense
  7. Conditional
  8. Perfect tenses

This section only has 1 exercise which is a quiz. To get your quiz you have to click the link that says click to generate unique quiz. Then, choose how many questions do you want in the quiz. 

The minimum is 5 and the maximum is 25. Another one you have to choose is the option to include the vosotros/vosotras form. After that, it will start generating the quiz for you.

verb drills quiz

In the next post, I’ll talk about the memberships, Camino del éxito, the app, some awesome features and resources, and the pros and cons. Stay tuned!

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