About Meina

The faceless woman behind this website

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Who Am I?

Chatting With Language Exchange Partners

I started as a language enthusiast.


Then, a language learning blogger.

Freelance Female Web Developer

Now, a freelancer.

Why Do I Learn Foreign Languages?

Being able to speak and understand multiple languages gives me immense satisfaction. Knowing that I’m capable of learning more I don’t see why I should limit myself to just my mother tongue and English.

I always have a keen interest in languages since I was in secondary. It began as a curiosity, then slowly became an interest.

Why Built TWLM?

Back then, everything was difficult. I didn’t have friends who are interested in learning foreign languages, let alone conversational English. My access to the internet was also quite limited. I literally had no language-speaking partners, so the only way I can improve my English was by watching American TV series, movies, and music. I have to say these methods help a lot in my pronunciation.

So in 2015, I decided to create this website where I can blog about my language learning journey and help people get started on the right track with their own journey. Apart from that, I also want to improve my writing skill, communicate with people and have a friendly network, and a better understanding of the variety of people from all over the world.

Need Help?

If you ever need any help don’t hesitate to ask. I’m more than willing to help in any way I could.

Like Maya Angelou said
“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”