This page contains the collections of the paid language learning resources that I’ve personally reviewed. Rest assured as I’m going to be totally transparent. When it comes to spending money online, you need to be careful and think smart. Below are the things to consider when buying courses.

Do I Really Need This?

Ask yourself this question first. Don’t simply buy a course just because you want the “shortest and fastest” way to be fluent. Learning a new language takes time and lots of dedication.

Don't even bother buying if you don’t want to make room for that. Without diligence, there will never be an easy way to master a language – that’s a fact!


Purchasing things online is like an investment. Don’t invest in an amount you can’t afford to lose. When in doubt, kindly do more research.

Set Long-Term Goal

The fact that you’re looking for paid courses means you’re taking this seriously and don’t want to rely on free courses, textbooks, and schools. Picture yourself with these courses for a very long time. Don’t buy if you plan on using them for a short period.

Promise me one thing. When you’ve succeeded kindly share your story with us. A little motivation goes a long way.

Lastly, please understand that it takes time to create a thorough review. Your understanding is highly appreciated.

©2024 Together We Learn More

©2024 Together We Learn More