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Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online (ALISON) Review

Back in mid-January 2016, I found this free online education platform and decided to do a review after using it. The first course I took was Introduction to Spanish and then proceeded with Basic Spanish – Restaurants and Dining Out since I’m learning Spanish at the moment and decided to try the course. I have to say ALISON by far is one of the great resources for high-quality online education.


ALISON stands for Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online. It’s a free high-quality online education with six million learners. Starting in 2007, their 750 courses have reached 250 countries. 

With its slogan “A new world of free certified learning”, it aims to provide people with basic and essential certified workplace skills. All of their courses are standards-based and once completed will be presented with a certificate of completion.

The course categories are divided into 2 courses, certificate courses ranging from Financial and Economic Literacy, Business and Enterprise Skills, Languages to Digital Literacy and IT Skills. 

As for diplomas, there are 72 courses such as a Diploma in Project Management, a Diploma in Teaching Skills for Educators, a Diploma in Manufacturing and Product Design, an Advanced Diploma in Workforce Re-entry Skills, a Diploma in International Tourism with English Language Studies, and many more.

ALISON Graduates & Learners Survey Result 2014

ALISON carried out a Graduate Survey in 2014 which had their graduates and learners participate in the survey. It’s stated that taking ALISON courses has helped them to “get a new job, a promotion, or college placement”. It also boosts their workplace confidence.

However, one needs to bear in mind that everybody has a different story thus, the results are not going to be the same for everyone. Take a look at the graduates’ testimonials here and here for the graduates with their certificates.

Who Is ALISON For?

ALISON is open to anyone and everyone as long as you have a computer and internet connection. It’s perfect for:

  • People who are looking to impress their future boss with their resume.
  • People who are looking to add more skills.
  • Anyone who wants to study but has financial problems.
  • People whose hobby is learning and can’t get enough of the knowledge they have.
  • Teachers who want to diversify their teaching methods and test their students’ knowledge on certain subjects.
  • Publishers who want to publish their courses and make money.

Why should you get started with ALISON?

They have a wide selection of categories and quality courses. Apart from that, they also offer free diplomas and certificate awards. That means you get 2 things at once, knowledge and a certificate/diploma.

Where else can you get things like this for free? It never hurts to spend some of your time learning something valuable.

List Of ALISON Courses

You can take as many courses as you want. Set your own time and learn at your own pace. No pressure. Take the assessment test repeatedly at zero cost.

Make yourself more valuable in the eyes of an employer by consistently adding new skills and knowledge with ALISON.

How To Use ALISON?

Well, obviously you have to create an account with ALISON first. Then, choose from the list of the available categories you want. Select which course you want to study and start learning.

Search ALISON In Your Country

Back then, you also have the option to choose by country and see what are the popular courses taken by the users of that country. Unfortunately, this is not available anymore.

Once you’ve completed the course, by completing I mean you’ve studied all of the contents (no skipping), you have to take the assessment test. You must get at least 80% to get certified.

Don’t worry if you fail because you can always take the assessment over and over again until you pass. The questions won’t be the same as the previous one.

Once you pass, you’ll be given the option to choose how you’d like to get your certificate. The options are:-

  1. Automatically download certificates (PDF) except for diplomas because they are not available as PDFs. It costs €21 each.
  2. Paper parchments. Both skill courses and diploma courses are available in this form. It costs €27 each.
  3. Framed parchments. Both skill courses and diploma courses are also available in this form. It costs €37 each.
ALISON Framed Diploma Parchment
Framed Diploma Parchment
ALISON Diploma Paper Parchment
Diploma Paper Parchment
ALISON Framed Parchment Certificate
Framed Parchment Certificate
ALISON Paper Parchment Certificate
Paper Parchment Certificate
ALISON PDF Certificate
PDF Certificate

Methods Of Payments

They accept credit cards, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, and bank transfers as their payment methods.

Facts About ALISON

Before you proceed with your learning, you need to know that the courses provided by ALISON, although they offer a certificate, are not accredited or recognized by any government institution whatsoever. Reading that article would hopefully clear up any confusion or doubts you may have.

Taking the course is free but not when getting the actual certificate. You have to pay to get your certificate. You might think what’s the point of paying for it when it’s not even accredited? That’s true but think back. Getting the certificate is totally optional.

ALISON Certificate Of Completion

Besides, it’s not like you get nothing out of ALISON. It’s merely to show that you do know a specific skill, course, or subject and when someone questions your resume, you are ready to be tested by them to prove that it’s not just a piece of unaccredited paper.

Should you have any other questions or doubts feel free to visit their FAQ page.

Now that I’ve finished with both, I’m planning to take the Building an Online Business Course. I personally have ‘graduated’ from ALISON, how about you? Do you have anything to say about ALISON? Share in the comment below.

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  1. Afsar

    I was pleased when I learn that this is free certification system, but after my completion diploma in Hospitality management Alison is asking for money to provide certificate.

    I did not expect from Alison.


    1. Meina

      Hey Afsar,

      Yes, you have to pay in order to get your certificate as I have stated in the above content. That is the least we can do to support them for all the amazing courses they have presented to us 🙂

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