2024 Updates


Early this year I decided to change my page builder plugin (Elementor) which is a huge decision. It’s not only for this blog but also for my other site. The other is just a portfolio site so, I decided to do that first.

I started with the blog on 22 April and finished today, 16 June. It was a challenge, especially the reviews. I was happy when I wrote them but, damn to do the back and forth of copy and paste was a pain!

Besides, I had to re-read all the posts and change a few things. I was glad it was only 55 posts! 😁

These were the changes I made;

  • The logo and favicon
  • The menu
  • Home, about, blog page, contact, free and paid resources designs
  • Individual post design
  • Created an IG page that contains all the IG-related posts
  • Updated a few of the posts' featured images so they have the same size.
  • Created a social media category
  • Did some 301 redirects
  • Updated the Subscribe form
  • Updated to PHP 8.3
  • Many more.

I made the design minimalist, mobile-friendly and the User Experience (UX) even easier. I hope I achieve them.

Things I plan to do:

  • Update all the reviews
  • Create a YouTube page that contains all YouTube-related posts.

I haven’t created a new post in months and I apologize for that. I will try to write a few in these coming months.

Let me know what you think about the changes.

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