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Top 13 Instagram Accounts For Learning Spanish [Part 1]

Last Updated: 5 July, 2024

PS: I’ve replaced those no longer active with new ones and moved them to the bottom if you still want to follow. I don’t want to remove them because they are still valuable.

After finishing with the English lists I’m back with another 13 useful Instagram accounts but now it’s for Spanish just like I’ve said in my previous post.

I’ve categorized them by learning with videos, phrases, expressions, vocabulary, grammar, worth checking and comprehension. The criteria remain the same except for the second one. Here they are.

  •  Fun and entertaining

Learning a new language can be stressful sometimes. Adding such flavors can help us enjoy the process and let others know that language learning doesn’t have to be so boring.

  • Have English translation for foreign language

I find this very convenient because even though I speak English I always learn new words every day. Some may not agree but everyone has their own preference. All of the selected accounts have cleared this stage.

  • Have exercises

I believe this activity can help strengthen learners’ understanding more.

  • Have videos or audio

Having videos where learners can hear English being spoken is super helpful. They can learn to imitate the way natives speak or simply hear the pronunciation of vocabulary.

Let’s get into the good stuff, shall we?

Learn With Videos

How To Spanish

Erika posts a very short clip taken from either movie, interviews, her own videos, etc. She removes the audio and adds a simple sentence that represents the clip and its English translation.

The good thing is Erika adds her own audio pronouncing each word. First, she says it at a normal speech speed and then at a slower speed.

Spanish Toons

This feed uses a collection of cartoons as their main content which is cut into a very short clip. You can expect to see The Simpsons, Spongebob, Simba, etc. They are also dubbed in Spanish and provide both English and Spanish subtitles.

Apart from that, they have either Mexican Spanish or Venezuelan Spanish spoken on each video that can easily be spotted by the flag so you know which Spanish country it is.

The downside of using cartoons is they speak fast (not all) and this can be a bit difficult to follow. Thank goodness the translation is there. Be sure to replay as many times as you need.

Learn With Phrases

Marta In Spanish

At first glance, I can tell her page is categorized (totally my style). It goes like this: real Spanish phrases and everyday Spanish questions. In between are quizzes, verb tenses, idioms, funny videos, word of the day, how to say X, tips and more.

I love how most of her posts ended with a question as it encourages users to engage and she’s also communicating with them.

The above video, did you know the meaning? I literally have to Google it right away.

Daily Spanish Phrases

One phrase a day. Along with it are the audio and translations. Not too overwhelming. Everything is in English except for the phrases and the audio. Great for beginners. 

I found out polera means shirt. Did you know? Which country uses this word?

Learn With Expressions

Spanish Takeaway

Want to learn common expressions used in Spain? That’s what you’ll get. Since Marisa is from there she posts pictures of places around Madrid as well.

Learn With Vocabulary

In Spanish Por Favor

The description on the account mentions grammar but most are vocabulary-related. You'll find X ways to say X, texting slang, synonyms of X, basic questions, X phrases about X, etc.

They don’t seem to have a theme but you can see the pattern from the posts. It suits for beginners and intermediates.

Learn With Grammar

Spanish With Andrea

She is a Colombian Spanish teacher so you’ll see a lot of Colombian Spanish. Apart from  grammar Andrea also posts about verbs, phrases, expressions, etc

It’s good that she covers complex grammar. While she makes them simple and easy to digest it would be great if she explained a bit more as some info is vague and it left people with more questions.

Worth Checking

Habla con ellas

Marisa is a certified Spanish teacher from Spain. Her content comprises WhatsApp conversations, colloquial, frequent mistakes, grammar, culture and more.

With the real WhatsApp conversations, I like how she breaks it down with translations, explanations and examples. She’s active in the comments interacting with users as well.

Spanish With The Native Tutors

They tackle some of the popular grammar topics such as ser, estar, por, para, saber, conocer, qué, cuál, etc. Other interesting topics include useful phrases, expressions, common mistakes, pronunciation challenges, false friends and so on.

I love how she went one step ahead in explaining the difference between se and estar when telling people what your profession is.

I know we use ser but what about a temporary profession? We know estar is for anything temporary so I’d guess estoy X. Wrong!

Do you know why? Let me know in the comments.

I was surprised! Both SpanishDictionary and StudySpanish grammar lessons don’t cover this if my memory serves me right.

Learn Spanish At Home 1

Cristina is a Spanish language academic from Spain. On her feed, there are listening comprehension, pronunciation tips, the difference between X and X, expressions with X, quizzes, verbs, etc.

She mostly uses English to explain things. It’s favorable for beginners.

Simple Spanish

You’ll find grammar, idioms, LATAM and Spain slang, conjugations, words with prefixes, and funny mistakes among many others. Sometimes, I feel like the creator doesn’t do much research. Some posts have wrong info and lack explanations.

Just to name a few, the conjugations. They don’t have English translations and examples. For slang, they wrote cachai as slang from Spain when it’s from Chile.

No worries though. More often than not they are corrected by users. Heck, some of the comments are more informative than the post itself. I gain new knowledge there every single time.


72 kilos

Talking about simplicity. This is another one. 72kilos is an illustration-based account. Nothing too heavy just a simple illustration with a few words. If you’re looking for a description of the illustration you won’t get any.

I wouldn’t recommend this to any beginner level due to some advanced vocabulary and grammar. However, it’s excellent for those beyond that level to test their Spanish comprehension.


Marta is an online Spanish teacher and listening coach. Her page is divided into two categories: video and text.

With videos, she gives advice, tips and tricks (improving listening skills, understanding LATAM and Andalusian Spanish, connected speech, etc), and also talks about culture, expression and more. 

With text, they are mostly grammar-related such as fuera vs afuera, llevar vs llevarse, no lo recuerdo vs no me acuerdo, saber vs saberse algo, atrás vs detrás vs para atrás and the list goes on.

Her videos are mostly in Spanish with Spanish subtitles. The fact that she doesn’t speak fast makes them less stressful. Be ready to do ‘visual listening’.

Do you know what the Janulus Matrix approach is? Well, she covers that too.

Inactive Accounts

Practicar Español

This account is quite similar to Idiom Land which I listed on 12 useful Instagram for learning English. Similar in which they use different movies, clips, interviews, etc to get their point across (no, this account has nothing to do with idiom). 

For those who use videos to learn Spanish then you’ll love this.

The videos are dubbed in Spanish and have Spanish subtitles on it. You can read the English translation in the description. They also provided Turkish translations for those who were learning that language. 

Isn’t that amazing? 3 languages in one post.

The con is similar to Spanish Toons but I believe you’ll get used to hearing it the way natives would say it.

PS: This account is no longer active as of July 7, 2023.

Spanish Phrases 11

Do you want to learn common daily phrases and quotes? Each post will have English and Spanish translations. That’s it!

Maybe I’m just not into such things but I feel like most aren’t so common and that’s good. I wish they included who the quotes are from.

PS: This account is no longer active as of December 22, 2020.

Turismo Spain

Want to test your understanding of Spanish while looking at beautiful pictures all around Spain? You can do so with this. There are no exercises, or videos whatsoever just stunning pictures.

PS: This account is no longer active as of September 19, 2023.


That's it! I hope these accounts can help you ease your learning journey. Let me know if there’s any awesome account(s) that I missed in the comment below.

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    aww thanks so much for mentioning me! <3

    • Meina says:

      My pleasure 👍

  2. The SML says:

    I have two other suggestions too, @dontfeartodreamofficial and @diseloenespanol

    • Meina says:

      Love it! I’ll be sure to add them for part 2. Thank you!

      • The SML says:

        However I have a suggestion for learning English too, it’s @englishwithamrita

        • Meina says:

          ¡Muchísimas gracias! Te lo agradezco.

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            Oh I almost forgot, there is @speakspanishwithkhris too

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            Sorry, I want to ask. Do you know Busuu?

          • Meina says:

            Yes, I’ve heard of it before. Why?

          • The SML says:

            I have Busuu and its my primary app to learn. It’s one of the best. Do you have an account? If not I would like you to join me to learn together by getting 30 days free premium with my invite link. We will both have premium 😉

          • Meina says:

            No, I don’t have an account.

            Sure, send me the link on my email ( I’ll check it out and will let you know.

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            Is your email correct?

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            Ok! I’ve already send it! Thank you

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    Great suggestions! What about @spanishwithluis ? It’s a great source!

    • Meina says:

      Hi, Swen.

      Thank you! I’ve tried searching for the account but it seems like it’s been deleted.

      • The SML says:

        Oh well I’m sorry but it seems like he changed his account name recently! Here is his account: @luisraigozza

        • Meina says:

          Got it! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Bel says:

    Great Instagram accounts!

    • Meina says:

      Hi, Bel. Yes, they are indeed.

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