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Top 13 Instagram Accounts For Learning Spanish

After finishing with the English lists I’m back with another top 13 Instagram accounts but now it’s for Spanish just like I’ve said in my previous post.

I’ve categorized them by learning with videos, phrases, worth checking, and comprehension (literally with no English). The criteria remain the same except for the second one. Here they are.

    • Fun and entertaining

Learning a new language can be stressful sometimes. Adding such flavors can help us enjoy the process and let others know that language learning doesn’t have to be so boring.

    • Have English translation for foreign language

I find this very convenient because even though I speak English I always learn new words every day. Some may not agree but everyone has their own preference. All of the selected accounts have cleared this stage.

    • Have exercises

I believe this activity can help strengthen learners’ understanding more.

    • Have videos

Having videos where learners can hear English being spoken is super helpful. They can learn to imitate the way natives speak or simply hearing the pronunciation of vocabulary.

Let’s get into the good stuff, shall we?

Learn with videos

How To Spanish

Erika posts a very short clip taken from either movie, interviews, her own videos, etc. She removes the audio, adds a simple sentence that represents the clip and its English translation.

The good thing is Erika adds her own audio pronouncing each word. First, she says it at a normal speech speed and then at a slower speed.

Spanish Toons

This feed uses a collection of cartoons as their main content which is cut into a very short clip. You can expect to see The Simpsons, Spongebob, Simba, etc. They are also dubbed in Spanish and provided both English and Spanish subtitles.

Apart from that, they have either Mexican Spanish or Venezuelan Spanish spoken on each video that can easily be spotted by the flag so you know which Spanish country it is.

The downside of using cartoons is they speak fast (not all) and this can be a bit difficult to follow. Thank goodness the translation is there. Be sure to replay as many times as you need.

Practicar Español

This account is quite similar to Idiom Land which I listed on top 12 Instagram accounts for learning English. Similar in which they use different movies to get their point across (no, this account has nothing to do with idiom). For those who use videos to learn Spanish then you’ll definitely love this.

The videos are dubbed in Spanish and have Spanish subtitles on them. You can read the English translation in the description. They also provided Turkish translation for those who are learning that language. Isn’t amazing? 3 languages in one post.

The con is similar to Spanish Toons but I believe you’ll get used to hearing it the way natives would say it.


Spanish Phrase of the Day

Just like the name says, you’re going to get one phrase a day every day. It comes with audio, an English translation, and meaning in the post description. I like the simplicity of this account. Even the given meaning is easy to understand.

Spanish Phrases 11

Do you want to learn common daily phrases? That’s what you’ll get here. Each post will have English and Spanish translation. Pick those you daily use and practice with them.

Spanish Phrases 101

Do you like sims? This feed is full of talking sims. Each video post has different sims acting in a different scene. They have a short conversation which is translated both into English and Spanish.

I like the concept of using sims but they are missing one thing which is the intonation. We all know intonation is as much important as pronunciation. Nonetheless, the bite-sized post is helpful.

Worth Checking

Mariela In Spanish

Mariela is a Spanish teacher. She also does online classes. The way she runs her feed is she posts a video about something. It could be about words that confuse people, how to use such words correctly, etc.

In the next post, she gives an exercise where learners can practice on whatever topic she talks about in the previous video. The exercise is a multiple-choice question. She corrects learners’ answers on the post itself.


Juan Diego’s feed is full of golden nuggets. You can be sure to find solid advice there. He covers topics such as slang, phrases, tips on memorizing verb conjugation, vocabulary, and a lot more. I’ve learned quite a lot of new vocabs I haven’t heard of anywhere from his feed.

A Cup of Spanish

Runs by a Spanish native teacher from Spain, this Instagram doesn’t seem to have or follow a pattern. However, you’ll see that she loves posting about expression (yes, she has the expression of the day post) whether it will be an expression related to mouth, sun, colloquial expressions, and much more.

She posts about synonyms, common spelling/ orthography mistakes, slang, vocabulary, adjectives, etc among many others. She has English translation ready on all her posts as well.

Spanish With Elizabeth

Elizabeth is an online Spanish teacher. Her feed is somewhat similar to the above where it doesn’t have a theme.

She posts random worthwhile materials such as the uses of por and para, which words to use on which situation (for example no me importa and me da igual/ no importa), phrases, homographs, multiple-choice questions, etc.

Spanish Teacher Barcelona

Vicky is a certified Spanish teacher from Barcelona who also conducts online classes. Want to learn about words that have 2 meanings, pronunciation, common mistakes Spanish students make, false friends, ser and estar? These are just some of the matters she covers and there’s a lot more.

Do you know the difference between hacer ejercicio and hacer ejercicios? No, it’s not a typo.


72 kilos

Talking about simplicity. This is another one. 72kilos is an illustration-based account. Nothing too heavy just a simple illustration with a few words. If you’re looking for a description of the illustration you won’t get any.

I wouldn’t recommend this to any beginner level due to some advanced vocabulary and grammar. However, it’s good for those beyond that level to test their Spanish comprehension.

Turismo Spain

Want to test your understanding of Spanish while looking at beautiful pictures all around Spain? You can do so with this. There are no exercises, videos whatsoever just stunning pictures.

That’s it! I hope these accounts can help you ease your learning journey. Let me know if there’s any awesome account(s) that I missed in the comment below.

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