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Top 12 Instagram Accounts For Learning English

Do you like spending time on social media to learn something? Want to make it worth your time? Well, you’re on the right track. Below you’ll find the top 12 Instagram accounts for learning English.

I’ve categorized them by vocabulary, pronunciation, multiple-choice questions, idioms, grammar, and mixed content so you can choose which one you prefer. But first, let me tell you why I choose them.

I don’t have strict criteria for choosing the accounts below. They only have to match either one or two of these.

    • Fun and entertaining

Learning a new language can be stressful sometimes. Adding such flavors can help us enjoy the process and let others know that language learning doesn’t have to be so boring.

    • Have exercises

I believe this activity can help strengthen learners’ understanding more.

    • Have videos

Having videos where learners can hear English being spoken is super helpful. They can learn to imitate the way natives speak or simply hearing the pronunciation of vocabulary.

The lists are in no particular order of importance though so let’s get started.

English With Adriana

Adriana is an English teacher from Australia. Among her many posts, she talks about motivation as well as FAQs people might ask when they just started learning English such as should you memorize English vocabulary, can watching TV help improve your English, etc. This is suitable for any beginner level.


English Vocabulary

If you want to learn modern English you should follow this account. Every day the poster, Green Forest school which is based in Ukraine will post a new word along with its translation in Ukrainian and Russian. Apart from providing the meaning and example they also state whether the word is a noun, verb, adjective, idiom, slang, etc.

I like the whole theme colors, and the content is great, but they are missing two crucial things; the audio and exercises. I truly believe learners would benefit a lot from it.

In English With Love

If you’re sick of using the same word all over again you’re going to love Sama’s What’s Another Way To Say series and When Not To Use series. She has been consistently posting phrasal verbs on a variety of topics.

As if that’s not enough you’ll find her posting quotes from famous people, take a phrasal verb or word out of it, give explanations and examples. Among many of her posts, there are learning tips, motivation, etc.

1 Task A Day

It’s a multiple-choice question and idiom-based account. Every day you’ll get either fill in the blank or an MCQ activity. You’ll also get one idiom on each post. The answer to the question will be posted on the next day together with a new question.

This account isn’t suitable for a beginner especially the lower level. The one thing that caught my attention on the bio is ‘one task a day keeps laziness away’ which is true. One question a day is extremely doable. It definitely helps to keep away bad habits.

Spanish English Rosie

Rosie is an English professor from the United Kingdom. The way she posts is every week she will present a new word and follows it up with an example of that word every day together with some explanations.

She also does the topic of the week and presents new words from it. Aside from being consistent Rosie also posted vocabulary video pronunciation. What I like about this account is that she targets both languages. Those who learn both might found this very useful.


Pronunciation With Emma

Want to sharpen your pronunciation and listening skills? You will love what teacher Emma has for you. She covers lots of things such as listening practice, pronunciation, grammar, homophones, etc. If you’re interested in learning a British accent and pronunciation this is a place to go.

This English Malarkey

Right off the bat when you see this account, you’ll see Jake asking totally random questions to random people. You can always go to his YouTube channel to watch the full version. This is great for listening and speaking practice. Learners can listen to a different accent in each video.

Jake did other video content too such as the phrasal verb, motivation, etc. In between posts, you can see lovely pictures taken around the country.

Have you ever heard of the word Malarkey before? It’s my first time though.


Idiom Land

If you’re an idiom lover you’re in for a treat because this account’s feed is full of idioms. Every day you’ll be given the idiom of the day. What’s awesome is rather than just giving the meaning and example you’ll also get to know the origin.

The way it works is they posted a picture-based idiom first. The next day, they will post a video example based on that idiom which is a short clip taken from movies. They also add subtitles to make it easier for learners to understand.

The clip format reminds me of @charmed_english. I wish whoever manages the account would continue because it’s obviously entertaining.

English Teacher Joe

Joe makes his feed fun and entertaining. You can see his face with a funny expression in almost all of his posts. Sometimes, you can see his students making an appearance. He posts mostly multiple-choice questions. He then proceeds on giving the right answer together with the explanations.

Usually, at the end of the post, he asks learners to do random things, for instance, write a sentence using the given word, finish the sentence, watch his new YouTube videos, etc.

In between that, he also does live sessions talking about tips on grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, how to improve your writing, and much more.


Grammar Tips

Think it’s time for you to learn grammar? You can find all things grammar here from modal verbs, prepositions, causative verbs, phrasal verbs, and the list goes on. I just wish there are more pictures and audio to make it more fun.


English With Nab

Nab is an English coach. His feed is a mix of lots of very valuable content. There are phrasal verbs, common mistakes with prepositions, quotes from famous people, formal and informal words, motivation, idioms, how to speak fast like a native, etc.

There’s a lot going on there and it can be a bit confusing. That’s literally the only con I can think of by just scanning the feed.

What do you think of the above lists? Is there any account(s) that I missed? Let me know in the comment below.

Not looking for English but Spanish? I got you covered so keep your eyes peeled for my next post.

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      Hi, Ramona. There are indeed many. One just has to keep researching. I wasn’t aware of learning through IG before too but yeah… there it is. Thanks for dropping by!

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