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2021 Updates

Hey guys. Early this year I decided to get TWLM up and running again. I took it down somewhere in 2019 because I had too many on my plate at that time.

I just started working on it a few weeks ago so I’ve been quite busy fixing everything. Below are some of the things I’ve fixed and changed;

  • SSL

Finally, I put my site on SSL which back then I didn’t get to do.

  • Page layout

I want to have the minimal look so I’ve changed all of my page layouts.

  • Font Change

I want to match the font I use on pages to posts. Unfortunately, I decided to update only on a few posts (reviews) because of the 404 error I’ve been getting in the Elementor editor. It’s driving me nuts trying to fix it and nothing seems to work so…

  • Organize Categories

I’ve created 2 new categories: tips and personal. All related posts have been assigned to it. The latter is more of my personal post. There isn’t any of it yet though.

  • Autoresponder

Mailchimp used to be my go-to but I no longer use it. Now, I use Sendiio. I’ll be moving my list there. You (my subscribers) don’t have to do anything.

I’ve published 4 new posts which I’ve been keeping since last year 😀 Yesterday, I’ve submitted and verified my site to Google Search Console. Hopefully, everything will be fine and get back my rankings.

Enjoy Language Learning Cover

Lastly, I have a new video streaming site called Enjoy Language Learning which I’ve been working on since December last year. It’s just a collection of language learning videos that I find helpful and enjoyable. Feel free to check it out. I’ll be adding more videos to it.

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    Best of luck, Meina.

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