8 Spanish Songs To Add To Your Playlist

8 Spanish Songs To Add To Your Playlist [Part 1]


Back in 2016, I wrote a post about learning a language through music. Today, I’m going to share with you 8 Spanish songs you can add to your playlist. These are some of my favorites. Initially, I thought they were ballads but turns out they are pop songs. 

For the difficulty level, I think intermediate learners would be able to understand them though not fully. As I am on that level myself (B1) I also included new vocabulary I learned from each of them. 

Apart from that, you can read brief info about the singer, a description of the song as well as grammar, and accent being used. 

It’s easy to follow along because they are not fast-tempo. Before we begin, I have to apologize in advance if there are mistakes in the song description. What I wrote is based on my understanding after reading the translations. 


Perdón, Perdón – Ha*Ash

Ha*Ash is a sister pop duo from Lake Charles, Louisiana. Read more about them.

Description: It’s about believing a man to be the love of your life and trusting him so much but turns out he’s a loser.

Grammar: Preterite, imperfect, reflexive verbs, present participle, conditional.

New vocabulary: Entregar, idealicé, aferré, perdedor.

Accent: LATAM

Read the lyrics here.

Corazon Hambriento – India Martinez ft Abel Pintos

India Martinez is a Spanish singer from Córdoba, Andalusia. Read more about her.

Description: It's about giving someone a chance to have a place in one's heart if they decide not to leave or go.

Grammar: Imperative, preterite, future, indicative, present tense.

New vocabulary: Hambriento, demos, latido.

Accent: Spain

Read the lyrics here.

Vanesa Martín – Te Has Perdido Quién Soy

Vanesa Martín is a Spanish singer from Málaga, Spain. Read more about her.

Description: It’s about asking for a second chance. Some parts are fast tempo but not crazy fast.

Grammar: Preterite, imperfect, and imperative.

New vocabulary: Entregarte, tejiendo, zarzas, burlado, presupones.

Accent: Spain

Read the lyrics here.

Cristian Castro – Volver a Amar

Cristian Castro is a Mexican singer from Mexico City, Mexico. Read more about him.

Description: I’m not really sure what it’s about because it sounds a bit poetic but if I have to guess it’s about someone who’s been hurt in the past and everything becomes better when someone new comes into his/ her life.

Grammar: Participle, present participle, preterite, present tense, gerund, future.

New vocabulary: El umbral, la espina, desengaño.

Accent: Spain

Read the lyrics here.

Yuridia – Ya Te Olvidé

Yuridia is a Mexican singer from Hermosillo, Mexico. Read more about her.

Description: It’s about being in love with a man who didn’t love you back and only pretended to be in love. A man who is arrogant enough to tell you that you’d never forget him and whatnot.

Grammar: Preterite, present tense, participle, reflexive verbs, present participle, conditional, imperative.

New vocabulary: Infeliz

Accent: LATAM

Read the lyrics here.

Carlos Rivera – Otras vidas

Carlos Rivera is a Mexican Singer from Huamantla, Tlaxcala, Mexico. Read more about him.

Song Desc: It’s about being grateful to someone you’re close with to the extent that you don’t know what you did in your past life to deserve them.

Grammar: Preterite, subjunctive, conditional, present tense.

New vocabulary: La quietud, revivir.

Accent: LATAM

Read the lyrics here.

Reik - Voy a Olvidarte

Reik is a Mexican pop-rock band from Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. Read more about them.

Description: It’s about forgetting someone who hurts you badly that even a second chance won’t heal the broken heart.

Grammar: Preterite, present tense, and reflexive verbs, subjunctive, gerund, imperative.

New vocabulary: Desviviéndome, entregarse.

Accent: LATAM

Read the lyrics here.

Laura Pausini - Víveme

Laura Pausini is an Italian singer from Faenza, Ravenna, Italy. This song is the Spanish version of her Italian song called Vivimi. Read more about her.

Description: It’s about loving someone and being present in their relationship and doing so without fear and shame. 

Grammar: Present tense,  preterite, reflexive verbs, future, participle, conditional, subjunctive.

New vocabulary: Iluminó, ilimitada dicha, guión.

Accent: Spain

Read the lyrics here.

That’s it for part 1. I’d like to thank my exchange partners, Edwin and Rolan for helping me figure out the grammar. I enjoy writing this post and I’ll definitely make some more in the future. 

So, what do you think of the lists? Have you heard any of them before? I’d love to know your favorite song. Share them below.

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  1. Beto says:

    Great, A fine selection of music. and If I comment my favorite ballad song, that would be Cristian Castro – No Podrás.

    • Meina says:

      Hola Beto.

      Thank you for dropping by and sharing your favorite song! Not bad 👍

  2. Patsy Blas says:

    Such a nice post! Yes!! Music makes it more entertanining, interesting and cooler! As a Spanish speaker i’m not interested in those pop-ballads songs but I prefer reggaeton haha, or also other types of ballads too!! But, “ya te olvidé” by Yuridia is a must! And it’s super good that you’ll want to sing many times!

    • Meina says:

      Thank you! Rock ballads are good too. I agree with ya te olvidé! Not sure how I found it but so glad I did. What’s your favorite reggaeton song?

  3. Ashish Tiwari says:

    Could you teach me I am also interested to learn.

    • Meina says:

      Hey Ashish.

      I’d love to but unfortunately, I’m not qualified enough. I’m still learning the language myself.

      • Ashish Tiwari says:

        It’s OK my dear, may you not qualified enough but you are having knowledge about it .

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