Together We Learn More

What Is Together We Learn More?

It is an informational site for people, especially language lovers who enjoy learning foreign languages and have fun – be it online or offline. In here, you can read articles, reviews, find free places to learn languages, which paid courses that works and many more.

Even if it means just a few words, phrases or wanting to take the whole process of knowing that particular language and be fluent – that’s your choice. Being bilingual and multilingual has many advantages.  You can communicate with millions of people all over the globe and literally the sky is the limit.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss

The reason I’m creating this website is to share my passion and knowledge with people who have similar interest as me. Never be alone onHave Company your journey to success. The more the merrier. Besides, sharing is caring 😉

Most people have this ambition or interest of wanting to speak fluently of other languages be it for the purpose of education, job opportunity, entertainments (dramas, TV series, movies, variety shows, music etc) or simply just curious.

I am one of those many people who really like watching variety shows and Telenovelas especially one that involves Korean shows. There are quite a few shows that I want to watch, but there are no English subtitles for it and sometimes it can be quite frustrating and I’m just like “how great would it be if I knew Korean” That’s when I decided to learn the language.

On this website, I will show you the websites where I learned the Korean language (you can choose ANY language you want to learn) and explain the pros and cons of it as well. You can either learn for FREE or upgrade your account to unlock certain features.

Apart from that, I will also talk and post about other things. If you want to read my latest article, simply scroll up and click on Articles on the menu. I hope this website able to help you fulfill your interest as I will keep adding more content to it. Have fun and don’t get stressed out 😉