Great YouTube Language Learning Channels

This is another solution for you if you don’t want to create many accounts by using the FREE online courses or simply not interested in using any of them. You can learn a new language simply by using the great YouTube language learning channels below. There are many YouTube users that are using their channel to upload videos on learning new languages.

I only select a few of them in certain languages. I’ll definitely add more to the list so, feel free to bookmark this page and check back later 🙂 Click on the images to go to their respective channel.

I highly welcome any of your recommendations below in the comment section.

Innovative Language Learning

This channel is the home for 30 other language channels of their own. Visit their website to know more about them. You can literally choose any of your desired languages.

Spanish Language Channels

Learn Spanish with Senor Jordan

He explains every single thing perfectly. He uses fewer pictures and focuses more on talking and explaining.  Highly recommended!

Learn Spanish with Professor Jason

Some of the videos are twenty to thirty minutes long, but it’s definitely worth it.

Learn Spanish

There are no translations available. It’s good for people who don’t want to rely completely on translation.

French Language Channels

Learn French

Most of the videos are quite detailed which is great for beginners and intermediate levels. 

Russian Language Channels

Russian For Beginners

Learning Russian for the first time? Then, this is for you (beginners). Want to go straight to grammar?

German Language Channels

Learn German with Meister Lehnsherr

Learn German from the Germans himself. The user uploads random videos about German and covers a wide range of German language topics from alphabets, pronunciation to poems, phrases, proverbs and many more. Here is the link for beginner’s lessons.

English Language Channels

Learn English Pronunciation

Everything you need to know about the English language. Highly recommended!

Learn English pronunciation with Rachel

Rachel focuses more on English pronunciation. Check it out if you want to know about the differences between an American accent and a British accent.

Learn English with Steve Ford

Polish your English pronunciation with Steve Ford.

Learn How To Speak Like A British With Howard

Love British English more than American English? Howard teaches you how you can start speaking like a British native.

Italian Language Channels

Learn Italian with Lucrezia

Lucrezia only covers the beginner’s lessons.

Korean Language Channels

Learn Korean with Jenny

Learn Korean with Jenny, Yoolim and Rachel. They will teach and show you varieties of topics ranging from Korean alphabets, vowels, consonants, how to read Korean signs, learn short Korean sentences, and many more.

Thai Language Channels

Learn Thai with Kruu Wee

Teacher Kruu Wee is a Thai language instructor. She makes learning Thai looks easy and fun at the same time.

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